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onesiehaz said: Hi! My name is Sara. I am 15, and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with Harold Edward Styles. I was wondering if you could write me an imagine. It can be about ANYTHING. Explicit or not. ;)

Today was yours and Harry’s second year anniversary. You were really excited; you had stayed over at Harry’s house last night; just like you did basically every night. It was kind of like you lived there. You rolled over in bed, and turned to look at your amazing boyfriend who was already awake and staring down at you. “Morning babe” he said to you, a smiling growing on his face. He leaned down to kiss you. “Morning Harry.” You guys cuddled in bed for the next hour, talking about all of the amazing memories you had experienced together and the many more that you can’t wait to happen.

Finally, you both got out of bed and headed downstairs for breakfast. Harry started to cook eggs and bacon while you sat down, watching. You loved watching him cook; he was so good at it and you could tell that he really loved to do it. Moments later, you were both sitting at your dining room table, eating the breakfast; it was amazing. After you finished eating, you decided you were going to go take a shower. “I’ll be back Harry, I’m just gonna go jump in the shower quick!” you ran up to the bathroom, undressed yourself and started the water, getting into the shower. A few minutes later you heard the door open, and Harry peeked through the curtain. “Mind if I join you?” He asked with a cheeky grin, “Fine Harry” you answered starting to laugh. You both helped rinse each other, and did some other things, before finally turning the water off and getting out.

When you guys got dressed and ready to go, Harry took you out to a restaurant that he had made reservations at for tonight. “It`s amazing here Harry, thank you.” you told him as you both walked into the restauraunt. “Only the best for my favourite girl.” He replied to you, making you smile ever more then you already were.

You guys ate your dinner, it was amazing. You were about to leave when Harry stopped you. “Wait, Sara. I have to ask you something,” you could see him getting a little nervous, “I’ve been wanting to ask you for the past while, but I wanted to make it special. Would you want to move in with me? I love you so much and I mean you basically live at my flat anyways, so what do you think?” You were so shocked; you weren’t expecting that. “YES yes Harry i would love to move in with you!!” A huge smile grew on his face as he pulled you in for a long passionate kiss. You guys left the restauraunt, heading back to what was now yours and Harry’s flat, and you couldn’t be happier.

Here you go Sara!! I hope you like it :)

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1doutfitsbychristine said: i loveeeeeee your imagines!!! you are really good at writing!!! -Christine

thank you SO much!!!!! :)<33

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Anonymous said: are u syill doing imagines

i am but i just got a ton of requests and i want to get them all done for everybody so it just might take a little while! :)

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If you have requested an imagine, i PROMISE i will do it tomorrow! It’s getting really late so im gonna go to bed but they will be done tomorrow i swear!! Thank you guys so much for requesting :)<3

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mckennastylesonedirection said: Hi my names McKenna:) I was wondering if I could have a Harry imagine where Niall is my best friend:)? Thanks and if U can, can u try to make it long? If not that's ok!

Here you go McKenna! I really hope you like it! If you don’t I will gladly write you another one just let me know :) I love your name by the way, I think it’s so pretty!! :)<3

It was 3:15am on a Sunday. You had been waiting for your boyfriend Harry to get home from going out with the rest of his band mates last night. You were getting a little bit worried because normally Harry would have been back by now and he wasn’t answering his phone or any of his texts. You decided to call Niall, who also was your best friend, to see where they all were. “Uh..hello?” You heard the familiar voice of your friend on the other line, it sounded like you had just woke him up. “Niall? Its McKenna. Where are you guys and why aren’t you home yet?” “What are you talking about? We all went home hours ago, I’ve just been sleeping for the past while!” he answered, making you really confused. “Well if you’re all at home then where is Harry?” “He never came home?” He asked you, him also seeming a little bit confused now. “No…” you answered. “Ok well why don’t you come over and I’ll try to get a hold of him.” “Ok thank you Niall, I’ll be there soon.” You both hung up; you were starting to get really worried as to why Harry never came home last night so you rushed yourself into the car and drove off to Niall’s flat.

Once you got there, Niall was waiting at the door with a very sympathetic look on his face. “Niall what’s wrong? Did you get a hold of Harry, is he ok??” You were starting to get very worried. “Yeah..I just called him and well, McKenna, another girl answered his phone. It sounded like they were, well, busy if you know what I mean.” Your jaw dropped open. You couldn’t believe that Harry would cheat on you. “What?” you said, questioning everything that your best friend had just told you. You knew he wasn’t lying, but it was so hard to believe. You started to cry. Niall just pulled you in closer to him, holding you against his body in a big hug. You could tell that he was angry too, you could hear him mumble under his breath, “I can’t believe that he would do this to you.”

The next thing you knew, Niall was lifting you up in his arms so he could bring you inside. He layed you down in his bed, wrapping the covers around you. He told you that he would sleep on the couch tonight; he was such a gentleman; you were relieved you had such a great friend. Before he left you to sleep, he gave you a kiss on the forehead, and reassured you that everything was going to be ok.

In the morning, you woke up to screaming coming from the kitchen. You got up and pressed your ear against the bedroom door, trying to get a clue as to what was going on. “You really messed up man! I can’t believe that you would do that to her, she treated you like nothing but royalty!” You could heard Niall yelling that, at who you were guessing was Harry. “I know, I screwed up huge, but please let me talk to her! I need her back Niall, I can’t loose her!” Yep, definitely Harry.

You debated on going downstairs to hear him out, but you decided not to. If there was one thing that you could not handle in a relationship, it was cheating. Instead, you waited for Harry to finally leave, then you went down to see Niall. You immediately gave him a big hug. “Thank you so much for being here for me Niall, you’re truly the best friend.” He smiled down at you, “I’ll always be here for you McKenna. Always.”

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kalendawn said: Hi. I was wondering if you wpuldnt mind making me a Niall imagine for me. I read your last one and it was REALLY good. By the way my name is Kalen. Please and Thank you :)

Thank you so much!! And here you go i really hope that you like it!! If not I can write you another one just let me know :)<33

Your boyfriend was Niall Horan, a member of the biggest boy band in the world; one direction. So of course, when they were on tour, you went to visit for a couple of weeks. You had just gotten down to meet them two days ago, and this whole touring thing was still really exciting for you. Every night you would watch your boyfriend do his thing from the sidelines, and you had never been so proud.

You were really excited because today Niall had a day off, and he promised that he would spend it with only you. You rolled over in the hotel bed you were sharing that morning only to find that Niall wasn’t there. You got out of bed and started looking for him around the room, but there was no sign of him anywhere. You finally heard your phone vibrate, and you went over to get it to find that you had a text from Niall. “Morning babe! Sorry I left this morning, but the boys invited me out for breakfast with them. I’ll be back soon and we can go get lunch.” You threw your phone down on the bed, a little annoyed because he promised that he would spend today with you; not the boys. You decided to jump in the shower, hoping that Niall would be back by the time you got out. Well, he wasn’t. You decided to just put in a movie while you were waiting, hoping that it would make the time go by a little faster. 3 movies later and Niall still hadn’t showed. You really were starting to get angry, so you went to Eleanor’s room and asked her if you could spend the night there, which she agreed to right away.

The next day you woke up with tons of missed calls and texts from Niall. He apologized about being absent yesterday but you didn’t want to hear it so you ignored them all. All you wanted to do was spend the day with him and he didn’t even make an effort. So when it came time for their show that night, Eleanor dragged you out of the house to go and watch. By the time you got there, the show had already started. You took your place on the side of the stage, when Niall looked over and saw you. You could tell that he was relieved to see you there, but you still didn’t want to talk to him so you just looked away. That’s when you heard Niall’s voice “I’m sorry everyone but I’m gonna have to stop this song. I made a mistake yesterday and not a second has gone by today where I haven’t regretted it. I want everybody here to know that I am in love, with the most beautiful girl on this planet and I really hope that she will be able to forgive me. Kalen, this next song goes out to you. I love you so much.” He was looking at you now; you could see the sympathy on his face. He then started singing wonderwall by oasis, making the whole audience and even you tear up.

When the show was over the first thing he did was run up to you. “Kalen, I’m so sorry, please please forgive me” you just kissed him, not having to say anything. “I love you so much Niall” you said smiling at him. “I love you too Kalen, more than you can imagine.”

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You were sitting in your room on a Friday night, back against the door and your headphones in. Your parents had been arguing once again, and you couldn’t take it anymore. They seemed to always be fighting and they didn’t realize what an impact it had on you. You started crying, and you only knew one person who could make you feel better; your boyfriend Harry.

You quickly pulled out your phone and called him; he answered right away. “Sarah, love, what’s up?” he asked you right away. “Hey Harry, i..” he cut you off right away, sensing that something wasn’t right. “Hold that thought babe, I’ll be over to get you in a sec.”

By the time Harry pulled up in your driveway you were already waiting outside. You got into his car and he pulled you into his chest; causing you to cry even more. You explained everything to him that was going on and he just held you close, playing with your hair the whole time. He then perked up smiling at you, “hey babe, I want to show you something let’s get going” he said while turning on the car. He pulled out of your driveway and started to drive. About 15 minutes later you arrived at what was the most beautiful place you had ever seen. Harry brought you to a cliff that was overlooking the whole city; you couldn’t believe what you were seeing.

He got out of the car and made his way over to your side, opening the door for you. He grabbed your hand and helped you out, bringing you to the front of the car. He picked you up and layed you down on the roof of the car, and then quickly lied beside you bringing him in close to his chest. “Harry, this is so beautiful..” you began saying. “Almost as beautiful as my beautiful girl” he said, grinning at you and leaning down to kiss your forehead. “I love you so much Sarah.” You were so happy; you couldn’t believe you had such an amazing boyfriend. “I love you too Harry.” You both drifted off to sleep in each others arms, under the stars. This was now yours and Harry’s special spot; you took each other there whenever one of you was upset.

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hardcore-larreh said: OMG i love your imagines!!!! Will you please write me one where im louis sister (payton) and im a little younger (17) and i have to live with louis and harry in their flat together for the summer and i fall inlove w harry? thans .xx dirty, romantic, semi long. can i have it by tonight PLEASE? <3

Thank you so much!!! And here you go, i hope you like it! You can let me know if you don’t, i’ll gladly write you another! :) and ps, i love the name payton! its so pretty :)<3

“Ugh, fine mom, bye.” You had just gotten off the phone with your mom who had told you that she was going on vacation for the summer and she wouldn’t let you stay home alone. This meant that you were going to have to stay with your brother, Louis, for the summer. You were ok with this but there was only one problem, you had a huge crush on his roommate, Harry. Louis always had his suspicions that you liked Harry, and he never approved of it since you were his younger sister and he was always very protective of you.

 You packed all of your stuff up, and arrived at Louis and Harry’s flat. “HEY PAYTON!” They both yelled when they answered the door. It seemed like they were excited to have you which made you feel a lot more welcome. “Hey guys!” you yelled back. When you got inside, you put all of your stuff in the spare bedroom. You were sitting on the bed when Louis walked in. “Hey Louis” you said a little bit cautiously because he had a really serious look on his face. “Listen, Payton, I need to go to Eleanor’s for the weekend so it will just be you and Harry here for the next few nights. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if I were here, and please just don’t do anything that you will regret. You’re my little sister and I want to protect you, and you know how I feel about your little crush on Harry.” “Louis, calm down, it’s fine I don’t even like him. Have fun and tell Eleanor I say hi.” He gave you a big hug and left the flat.

A few minutes later you went down to the living room and turned on the TV. You started to really get into the show when you heard Harry come up behind you. “Mind if I join you?” He asked smiling, “Ya, go ahead!” you said smiling back at him. You went back to watching TV, and you were getting so into the show that you didn’t even realize Harry had his hand on your thigh. He started to move closer to you, rubbing your leg. “Harry…” you started to say but he cut you off with a kiss. You pulled away quickly, confused. “I’m sorry Payton, it’s just that I’ve always had feelings for you I just have never gotten the chance to say anything because I know Louis doesn’t approve.” You were really shocked; Harry has never showed signs of this before. “Harry, I like you too” you said, kissing him, even more passionately this time. Harry leaned you back on the couch, so that he was lying on top of you, not breaking the kiss. He took his shirt off, and then started to unbutton your blouse. He started to kiss your neck, moving his lips all the way down your stomach. You started to unbuckle his belt, and take off his pants and boxers feeling that he was already hard. He moved his lips to just above your waist, kissing everywhere while he slowly slipped off your pants along with your panties. He brought his face back up to yours, and began to kiss you again. He licked your bottom lip, begging for entrance which you gave him right away. He then parted for a second, placing his forehead against yours and looking into your eyes for approval. You nodded and with that he thrusted into you. You moaned out his name in pleasure, he was so big and it gave you no time to adjust. He started to thrust in and out, harder and harder until you both reached your high. You orgasmed together, filling you up with so much pleasure. He pulled out of you and layed right next to you, pulling your head on top of his chest. “Wow” he said taking a big breath, “I love you Payton. I have for so long now, can we be together?” “I want to Harry, more than anything, but what about Louis?” you asked, a little upset at the realization that he would not be ok with this. “He’s your brother and my best friend, I’m sure he’ll be ok with it eventually, let’s just talk to him about it when he gets back” he smiled down at you and kissed your forehead.

When Louis got home, you and Harry sat him down and told him you guys were dating. He was upset about it at first, but then accepted it when he realized how happy you made each other. Thanks to your brother and your boyfriend, you had the greatest summer ever.

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Anonymous said: Hiii, my name is María. can u please do an imagine for Harry and me? It can be if possible he meeting my family, having baby Darcy, or us getting married :D Xx

This was it. Today was the day that you were getting married to the man of your dreams; Harry Styles. You really could not believe how lucky you are, you truly did find the perfect person. You were really excited, but also really nervous. You woke up with more butterflies than ever, and it really did not help that Harry wasn’t in bed with you. (He had slept over at Louis’ house last night because everyone thought it was bad luck to see each other before the actual wedding itself). As soon as you woke up, Eleanor ran into the room, “MARIA GET UP! TODAYS THE DAY!” You got out of bed, and she could tell something was wrong. “What’s up Maria?” “nothing, I just really wish that I could see Harry” “NOPE not allowed!” she yelled happily, helping you get dressed into something comfy so you could go and get your hair and makeup done.

Finally, you were at the venue. You were standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself in the dress. You were with all of your bridesmaids and your mom, who looked like she was on the verge of tears. You were still really nervous, and I guess it was obvious because everyone was starting to look concerned. “What’s wrong honey?” your mom asked you. “Nothing, I’m just really nervous, I think I’m gonna go and get some air” You left your room and walked out to a balcony that was a few doors down. Once you got outside, the tears started to come. What if you weren’t right for Harry? What if he will regret marrying you a year from now?

Then you heard a very familiar voice that snapped you back to reality “Maria?” You turned around to see Harry staring at you from the doorway. “Harry!” you yelled running up to him. He grabbed your head in his hands, “What’s wrong love?” he asked while wiping your tears away. “I’m just so nervous Harry. I mean what if you regret marrying me or what if you don’t like me the same way years from now?” “Maria, I asked you to marry me for a reason. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please don’t be nervous, if you don’t want to marry me you don’t have to but I would really prefer you did,” he said with a little chuckle. Every worry that you had seemed to just vanish. “No Harry, I love you, thank you. Let’s go get married.” You leaned in to kiss him; you really were the luckiest.

That’s when you heard Louis, “Harry! What are you doing!? You have to be at the altar now!!” “Well, I guess that’s my signal” Harry said smiling, “I’ll see you soon”. “Oh and by the way babe, you look amazing.” And with that, he left. You went back inside and it was time to walk down the aisle. Everything went perfectly and you were soon married to the most perfect man on this planet, and you couldn’t believe he was all yours.  

There you go Maria! I hope you like it! If not just let me know and i’ll write you another one!! :)<3

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not-your-typical-heartbreak-girl said: Can you do a Niall imagine for me?? My name is Anne btw. Xx

Here you go Anne!! I hope you like it<3

 “I can’t wait for you to come over tonight babe,” you smiled at your phone as you read your text from Niall. He decided that he was going to cook you your favourite meal tonight at his house and you absolutely could not wait. You had about an hour to get ready, so you curled your hair and threw on a red dress that you knew Niall loved.

When you got to his house you walked up the steps to his door and rang the doorbell. “Hey babe, I’m so happy you’re here” he greeted you pulling you inside and kissing you. “I can’t wait for you to see what I’m making!” It smelt so good, you were getting really excited. Niall brought you into the kitchen and turned on the music to something really romantic. He started to cook something on the pan and he kept shooting you looks trying to impress you. You went over to give him a kiss; he started to get really into it pushing you against the counter. He must have not noticed that he had the pan full of food in his hand still because once the kiss started to get more intense, the food fell out of the pan and onto the floor. “No!” he yelled, clearly angry and himself. You started to laugh really hard, “its ok Niall!” He turned to you, “so worth it” he said winking at you. You both started to laugh, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” you asked him. He nodded and at the same time you both said “nando’s.”

So you guys ended up going to Nando’s and getting your food to go; bringing it back to Niall’s house so you could eat it at a table that he had set up for you in the backyard. “Tonight was amazing Niall, thank you” you told him. He smiled and leaned in for a kiss “I love you Anne.” “I love you too Niall.”